My family has grown leaps and bounds in the past few years. Well, thankfully not my immediate family, but we do have several newborn nieces and nephews! Let's just be honest here. We all know as our families grow, our lives become ever more complicated, and yes it is easy to forget certain things we never imagined we wouldn't forever remember. Sadly, I'm referring to the details of certain life changing events like the births of our children. Of course we will always (let's hope!) recall the actual date of birth. But, if I'm going to be brutally honest here, it isn't always so easy to remember all the specifics including the actual time down to the minute, exact length, and exact weight of each child. Is it bad if I can only remember that my daughter was born in the early evening hours and need a reminder that the actual time was 5:28 p.m.? You know, life is so hectic at times that I really can't beat up on myself over the fact that I am human and can't remember everything! So here's a solution (a cheat sheet, if you will), a birth announcement pillow for every new addition to the family. These adorably sentimental  birth announcement throw pillows from Zoey's Attic Personalized Gifts with all the pertinent facts make me look like a genius! They also make great gifts for welcoming all those new nieces, nephews, and grandchildren! Any design can be custom made to match almost any nursery or child's room color and theme. Just contact us with your ideas and Zoey will make it happen!

The adorable jungle animal themed birth pillow is the top seller for baby girls while the elephant design is the most popular birth announcement pillow gift for  baby boys. The sweet footprint pillow with the newborn stats is gender neutral and a customer favorite. Design colors can always be changed to match the room decor.

 Loving this awesome idea, the perfect keepsake!