Sublimation is a chemical process. In a nutshell, sublimation is a process in which a solid turns into a gas, immediately, without first undergoing the liquid stage in between. Sublimation printing refers to the dye itself. We also call this dye-sublimation, as it is the dye that changes state.

What can be dye sublimated?

Technically, anything can be sublimated, although without a proper coating, the ink will not adhere. There are virtually thousands of dye sub printable blanks to choose from, and an ever growing list of materials.   Dye sub printed metal is easily one of the most vibrant reproductions of color we can create here at The Mash Pit. 

Awesome products that can be personalized and created using the sublimation process.

  • Polyester materials (pillow cases, t-shirts, tote bags, face masks, and more)
  • Hardboard materials (signs, ornaments, coasters, picture frames, plaques and much more)
  • Metal substrates (signs, ornaments, picture panels, keychains, water bottles, mugs, and much more)