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$ 3.00
By Etsy

Step into 'Your New Era' in style with our personalized 21st birthday kit bags, inspired by Taylor and designed for your special celebration!

Customize these nice sizes bags to match your party theme and your unique journey into your twenties. Whether you're turning 21 or celebrating any other milestone, these kit bags are a must-have party favor.

Optional Filled Bag:
Make your kit bag even more special by choosing our optional filled bag, which includes everything you need for a memorable night out:

Eye Masks for restful moments
Matching Lip Balm for luscious lips
Gum for a burst of freshness
Hair Ties for effortless style
Shout Wipes for any unexpected spills
Makeup Wipes for a quick touch-up
Bandages for minor mishaps
Purell for clean hands
Emergen-C for a boost of energy
Eyedrops for refreshed eyes
Advil for any potential headaches
Plus, you can opt to add a Liquid IV for extra hydration and recovery!

Our kit bags are not just stylish but also practical. They're the perfect companion for a night out, ensuring you have everything you need for a fantastic celebration.

Celebrate 'Your New Era' in your twenties with all your party essentials at your fingertips. Order your personalized 21st birthday kit bags today and let the celebration begin! Cheers to the next chapter!

These are already competitively priced for bulk, but if you have parties over 25, shoot us a message for a bulk discount!

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