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$ 25.00

Introducing our hilarious and mouth-watering "I'm Into Fitness, Fit'ness Burrito in My Mouth" tee, a must-have for all the food-loving fitness enthusiasts out there! This witty and playful shirt combines your passion for fitness with your undeniable love for scrumptious burritos (or any other favorite food of your choice).

Designed to bring smiles and laughter, this tee features a clever slogan accompanied by a vibrant graphic of a mouth-watering burrito. The bold typography adds a touch of style, making it the perfect conversation starter at the gym, yoga class, or even during a casual outing with friends. If burritos aren't your favorite, we can customize the graphic to showcase your preferred food, whether it's tacos, burgers, sushi, or anything else that makes your taste buds tingle!

Made from premium, soft, and breathable fabric, this tee guarantees comfort and durability. It is carefully tailored to provide a relaxed fit, allowing for freedom of movement during workouts or while indulging in your favorite treats. You can wear it with pride, confidently embracing your unique sense of humor and passion for both fitness and fantastic food.