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By Etsy

Get ready to party like it's a Taylor Swift concert with our "There's Glitter on the Floor After the Party" Survival Kit! This personalized kit is the ultimate party favor and travel companion for any Taylor Swift fan. Whether you're attending a concert, hosting a Taylor-themed party, or surprising a Swiftie with a special gift, this survival kit is a must-have to keep the party going and memories shining!

If you choose a fully loaded kit, it will come with all of the following shown here. This kit has it all! Not just for hangovers, but any situation that may arise at the party/gathering!
- Eye Masks
- Shout Wipe
- Emergen-C Vitamin C
- Pack of Advil
- Hand sanitizer pack
- Gum
- Single use eye drops
- Bandaid
- Matching lip balm (design will match theme of bag)
- Makeup wipe
- Hair tie

Taylor Swift concert theme: The survival kit is designed with a Taylor Swift-inspired theme, featuring glittery accents and references to Taylor's music.
Personalized touch: Customize the survival kit with the location, bachelorette party, birthday party, name or initials, making it a truly special and one-of-a-kind gift.
Compact and travel-friendly: The kit is compact in size, making it easy to carry and perfect for travel to concerts or parties.
Versatile use: Beyond the concert experience, the kit can be used as a party favor, travel kit, or as a reminder of a memorable Taylor Swift-themed celebration.

Prepare for a Taylor Swift-inspired celebration like no other with our "There's Glitter on the Floor After the Party" Taylor Swift Concert Survival Kit. Order now and let the music play as you create magical memories that will last a lifetime!

Talk about a complete kit! The party-goers will appreciate this extra touch!

These are already competitively priced for bulk, but if you have parties over 25, shoot us a message for a bulk discount!

Please note: Some items may vary slightly due to inventory availability.

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