STL Things STLProud Tea Towel

$ 15.00

One of our best sellers ever.  Our original STL Proud tea towel is a celebration of St. Louis's iconic culinary gems. Designed for fans and locals, the towel features a list of beloved local favorites. The items listed are:

  1. Imo's - Representing the famous St. Louis-style pizza.
  2. Ted Drewes - A nod to the legendary frozen custard spot.
  3. Toasted Ravioli - Celebrating this unique St. Louis appetizer.
  4. Gooey Butter Cake - A tribute to the deliciously sweet cake.
  5. Bread-Sliced Bagels - Honoring the distinctively sliced St. Louis bagels.

Perfect for sending to friends and relatives who no longer reside in our beloved City as a reminder of their roots!